What We Do

Tailoring Classes

To give training through tailoring, embroidery classes for the women and widows from below poverty level, where they will trained and to start their own tailoring shop which they can lead their life. Rahamani Welfare Trust started to skilled the needy and poor women.

Early Childhood Education

India is fourth among the top 10 nations with the highest numbers of out-of children in primary level. Children in poverty make up thirty-nine percent of the population, and most of these children do not receive a good education because their parents cannot afford to send them to anything but a public school. And we can create an alternative environment for boys and girls. Rahamani Welfare Trust Started to educate the primary level poor child.

Flood Relief Food Donation

The Rahamani Welfare Trust has stepped in the relief work by providing cooked meals to flood-affected people of Bihar in Pakadidayal, Purbi Champaran District. With a team of 13 employees and two distribution vehicles, Rahamani Welfare Trust has begun its relief service since Sunday, 4 August 2019 by providing breakfast, dry food items to the affected people of the area.

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What We Are Doing

Team Building

Team leadership plays an important part in the ability of our organization to gain and maintain the competitive advantage. Our team work related to the development and success of our organization. Our Trust is heavily dependent upon teams of workers to perform certain tasks for the organization.An input-output model of building a team and maintain the team could be utilized to rectify the problem of our organization is encountering.

Fund Raising

We have close relationships with funders who tell us what they’re looking for today. We’ll share that deep knowledge with you so you can apply to the right funders, write more targeted proposals, and win more grants. In addition, much of the subject matter in this topic will help nonprofit leaders and staff recognizes what it is that they don't know about fundraising, and how to remedy that situation.

Become a Volunteer

Rahamani Welfare Trust has a casual work atmosphere where everyone's opinions and ideas are valued. We're committed to work-life balance and offer everyone opportunities to learn, experiment, and grow. If you're looking to add meaningful purpose to your work or want a life-changing fellowship to get your career off on the right foot, then you’ll love working here.

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Be a mentor or a guide for a Startup and share your success by helping the others in their growth. Get recognition, rewards and branding by getting associated with India’s fastest growing crowdfunding community RLKBC10.